What is Piyush Bansal Net Worth?

Piyush Bansal is a name of a very well-known personality. He is an entrepreneur of Lenskart company. In 2010 he joined that company with two co-founders whose names are Amit Chaudhary and Sumit Kapahi. He started to sell contact lenses and after two years in 2012, he enlarged their business.

  • But after gaining experience from this first company of Piyush Bansal he at the age of 30+ got a net worth of Rs. 600 crores. He gets the biggest opportunity in his life, for doing something for himself.
  • This man had done graduation from McGill university and he also possesses an entrepreneurship degree in management from the Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore.
  • He is the CEO of Lenskart company and he is an online judge of shark tank India.
  • He got full support to start the work as a business from his parents. His parents live in Delhi.
  • Parents are a very important part of the lives of the kids. They play an important role in the lives of their kids.
  • It totally depends on the parents whether they give permission to their kids to go outside for a job or not. Because in today’s generation also so many parents do not permit till today their kids to go outside for a work opportunity.

He Starts From Where

  • He graduated from “Don Bosco High School” and then worked as a “program manager” at Microsoft in the USA.
  • Before 11 years he came back to India to start his own business, he only kept one thing on his mind to start something new as a startup.
  • Slowly after doing work and gaining experience he became a famous entrepreneur of Lenskart company.
  • Nowadays everyone has some specialty and that is different and varies from person to person. Therefore this is a great success for Piyush Bansal, a new name among all Indian people. 
  • Because of his hard work, Piyush Bansal’s net worth increases every year and in 2014 his worth was 100 crore. But the manner in which he handles that company is of great importance in everyone’s life.
  • Everyman can participate in the business as first, any individual should try to believe in himself or herself to face new difficulties in life and accept new challenges in life.

Challenges He Faces As An Entrepreneur

  • There are so many hardships that occur at the same time when a person is going to start at his own level. The same situation occurred to him too and he accepted those things.
  • When he did his master’s from Mangalore then he became more confident and decided to work as an entrepreneur. That was the most powerful phase that changed him.
  • His family plays a great role in his life, and he focuses only on business and nothing else. 
  • He doesn’t have any relations or girlfriends which is also a good point in his life and easily he focuses only on one direction. 

Final Words!!

Due to the new technologies introduced day by day so many things are there to do but nothing is also there to do. So many things are only for those people who apply their own efforts and try every possible effort to start everything at their own level. 

And in the upcoming years because new technologies replace all the work then there will be only a few jobs left so to avoid a large communication gap and this barrier of not knowing these new technologies, the people live as it is if they will not try to make their efforts to grab a job opportunity.

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